Meet Android 69, A DIY robot using E-Waste

Android 69, a DIY robot who won in a school organization's competetion

Nowadays, we live in a world full of technologies. Many technologies evolve from time to time. Different technology companies compete with each other for their products. Some companies release their products to the market. A handful of them observes their rival's product to know what they can upgrade with their own products.

As time goes by, many gadgets are produced within a year. Now, older versions become obsolete because their system is becoming outdated. Because of that, this generation is obsessed with technology and we change our gadgets almost as often as we buy new clothes. Every time a new upgrade comes out, we throw our old gadgets away and buy a new one. Throwing gadgets expands the list of our E-Waste on our planet.

E-Waste is electronic devices and gadgets nearing or at the end of its useful life. It covers discarded obsolete electronic devices, cellphones, notebooks, game consoles, and their components.

Our school organization conducted a tournament for us, Computer Engineering students, to make a DIY robot using damaged E-Waste. Because we had a small population in CPE, the seniors (fifth year) were the ones who are conducting the program so the juniors were divided into two groups representing the third and fourth year.

In building the robot, we, the fourth year, used the damaged earphones as its antennae. We used the game controller's joystick as its eyes. The busted phone chargers served as its arms. Two broken computer mouse served as its feet. The wires serve as veins. Various computer parts were used in building this robot such as the CPU, AVR, and other old devices. We won the tournament defeating the third-years. They lost because they used a fully functional flashlight in their robot disregarding the mechanics.

The judges suggested naming our robots. As decided by our group, we named our robot, "Android 69"