Social Distancing

A poem by me, PatrickDG, about social distancing

Social distancing! A new law that we need to follow! 

Oppose that law! You will definitely feel that sorrow

Cry all you want! The government can get you arrested

If you don't want to be detained, you must learn that lesson. 


Always use a fask mask when you go outside of your house

Lead your people, be a model. Use your voice to announce

Don't stop believing! We can overcome this pandemic

Intended for the frontliners, kudos to the medics


Stay at home, save people's lives and stop spreading the virus

Tell God, we really need a successful anti-virus

Allow frontliners do their job. Don't discriminate them! 

No time discriminating! Need this pandemic to end! 


Cast your fears away. God's always protecting us. Just pray

It will give us the strength. So pray! This is the perfect day. 

Note that if we overcome this pandemic someday

Good and bad memories! Practice new normal everyday.