ABC Tag (Challenge)

I know everyone is bored during this pandemic so I have an idea to start this ABC Tag which also helps getting along with y'all.

Age: 19

Best Feature: Eyes (lol)

Color: Mint Green

Deepest Regret: Not being able to stand on my point and getting anxious everytime 

Everyday Starts with: Coffee/Milk

Fashion Style: Im more on minimal kind of style and just pure and simple

Goals in Life: To learn more and finish my studies and being able to work my desired job ever since

Height/hair color: Black

Inlove with: My Boyfriend and my pets

Job of my Dreams: Web Developer, Data Analyst

Kind of Guy: A guy that can stand on his own.

Last Food i ate/ drink: My lunch and water

Movies: Studio Ghibli movieees

Number of Siblings: 2

One Favorite Song: Never Be the Same by Camila

Person i last texted: Myy boyfriend uwu 3

Questions i often asked about: "How are you?" (they were concerned somehow lol)

Reason to smile: because im alive and loved by the persons surrounding me

Skincare advice: i dont even have a skincae routine, just have a proper hygiene and u're good

Tattoos: dont have one but i would like a tatts on my collarbone with a japanese writing

Unpopular Opinion: Milktea are smelly

Vacation place i want to go: In Japan and Greece

Worst Habits: isolating myself too much that getting around with people feels anxious

X-ray i had: none

Youtubers: i love linh Truong 

Zodiac Sign: Pisces